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Chasing Tulum Signs: A Roadmap to the ‘Gram’s Hottest Photo Ops

tulum sign

Chasing Tulum Signs: A Roadmap to the ‘Gram’s Hottest Photo Ops

You’ve landed in trendy Tulum with visions of colorful murals and iconic signs dancing in your head. This boho beach town in Mexico’s Riviera Maya has become an influencer hotspot, and for good reason.

Around every corner are photogenic signs, wall art, and installations just begging to be featured on your Instagram feed. You’ve come to the right place if boosting your ‘Gram game is a top priority on this trip.

This guide will point you to Tulum’s most popular signs and ensure you get those coveted shots for the ‘gram without wasting time searching. Saddle up your rental bike and get ready to chase down Tulum’s signs. Your followers will thank you!

Where is the Tulum sign?

Locating the Iconic Tulum Sign with swing

If you’re in Tulum for the ‘gram, the iconic Tulum sign with swing is a must-stop for your photo op pilgrimage.

Located just off the highway from Playa del Carmen, you’ll spot the first Tulum sign as soon as you arrive. It’s conveniently situated few miles before the entrance to the Tulum ruins, making it incredibly easy to find… and the sign is hard to miss – just follow the crowds of influencers in matching outfits!

After you’ve got your shots, continue down the path to explore the well-preserved Mayan ruins of Tulum. The ruins are open daily from 8 am to 5 pm, so go early to beat the crowds and the heat. Once you’ve had your fill of history and culture, head to the beach!

tulum sign with swing
Tulum SIgn with Swing

Finding the Dreamy Follow That Dream Sign

Located in the vibrant Tulum hotel zone, the iconic ‘Follow That Dream‘ sign beckons as one of the must-visit photo spots.

Capture the essence of your aspirations by striking a pose next to this enchanting sign, or better yet, include your trusty bike in the frame.

This picture-perfect moment will vividly portray your dreams and ignite a sense of wanderlust within you!

Tulum Follow that dream sign by the side of the road
Follow That Dream SIgn

Discovering Ven a La Luz Tulum

“Come to the Light” finds its home in the Ahau Tulum Sculpture Park, nestled along the beautiful beach of Tulum, just outside Ahau Hotel. This incredible sculpture, crafted by the renowned artist Daniel Popper, awaits you on the left side of the main hotel entrance, marked by a sign bearing its striking image. For a mere $3 per person or 60 pesos, you can embark on a journey of awe and wonder. “Ven a la Luz,” as its name suggests in Spanish, invites you to step into a world of enlightenment. Behold the captivating sculpture of a woman, meticulously constructed with steel, wood, rope, and vibrant green vegetation. Witness as she courageously unveils her chest cavity, revealing a magnificent interior teeming with lush plants and verdant vines. Prepare to be enthralled by this magnificent creation that celebrates the beauty of nature and the boundless spirit of the human form.​

tulum ven a la luz
Ven a La Luz

And much more signs!

#Tulum Sign

At the entrance of the Tulum ruins, you’ll be greeted by a vibrant sign featuring the hashtag “#TULUM” in striking red letters. As you explore this incredible area, prepare to be captivated by an array of sculptures inspired by the enchanting “Day of the Dead” style. Get ready for an exhilarating journey through history and art!

#tulum sign

Tulum Colored Letters

Located in front of Tulum Center’s city hall, you’ll find a captivating sign that proudly displays the word “TULUM” in beautifully colored letters. This vibrant and eye-catching sign serves as the perfect backdrop for capturing truly amazing pictures!

tulum letter color
Tulum Letters

Tulum Sign Map

So there you have it, a roadmap to finding all the popular photo ops in Tulum that will make your friends jealous and boost your Instagram likes.

Now get out to Tulum and chase those signs, snap some shots, and make memories that will last long after the likes and comments have faded away.

Tulum is a magical place, so take your time exploring the beaches, cenotes, ruins and jungle. Don’t get so caught up in the ‘gram that you forget to be present and enjoy this little slice of paradise in the real world. Turn off your phone for a while and just be. After all, those signs and photos will still be there when you get back. But the moments you have in this place are fleeting, so make the most of them.

Follow your dreams, love yourself, and let your light shine. The rest will follow.

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